Preparing for Your Visit


If you have previous X-rays or scans of the area we are to study, bring them with you to your appointment. With all exams, take your usual medications with the minimum necessary water, unless instructed otherwise. Leave jewelry and watches at home. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Let our staff know if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


  • Patients may eat and take medications as they normally would, unless directed otherwise by a physician.
  • Patients should wear clothing without any metal clips, ties or belts.
  • Because MRI uses a strong magnetic field, please notify us prior to your exam if you have a pacemaker, artificial heart valve or any other metal inside your body. Additionally any jewelry or body piercings will need to be removed.
  • Abdominal MRI/MRA, nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to appointment. You may have plenty of water.


  • Nothing to eat or drink, except water, 4 hours prior to appointment time. You may have plenty of water.
  • Please contact our office if you have had a Barium Enema or UGI within the past week.
  • Exams with IV contrast: If you are diabetic, have a history of kidney disorders, or are allergic to iodine, please contact our office prior to your appointment.


  • Nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to your appointment. No water.


  • Drink 32 oz. of water 60 minutes prior to your exam.
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